L’Entrée (The Opening)


Amid the global migration between physical and virtual worlds, L’Entrée (The Opening) delves into the desire to capture, understand, and keep unchanged the vital human body. Equal parts audio poem, 3D-printed sculpture exhibition, and augmented reality (AR) experience, L’Entrée reveals a series of virtual sculptures situated in centuries of human movement along the newly pedestrianized area of Strand/Aldwych. 

The sculptures, created in a gaming engine with photogrammetry, motion capture, and computational averaging, each perform a virtual “dance” immersing viewers in their unique forms as spatial sound pulls listeners between the tangible streets of London and the intangible world of Web3/XR technologies, ultimately begging the question: what is the purpose of the human body in an increasingly virtual existence?

L’Entrée features movement by Françoise Voranger and Andrea (Nikki) Ortiz of Hybrid Movement Company, and music and sound by Matt McCorkle.

Glow: Illuminating Innovation, Kings College, Strand / Aldwych, London 2024

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NEW INC / New Museum
Onassis ONX Studio
Kings’s Culture London

L’Entrée (The Opening) has been commissioned by the AHRC-funded GLoW3 project led by Professor Sarah Atkinson from King’s College London’s Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries, Faculty of Arts & Humanities and is supported by King’s Culture.

Concept, artistic direction, production
Lisa Jamhoury

Choreography, performance
Hybrid Movement Company
Françoise Voranger, Andrea Nikki Ortiz

Sound and music
Matt McCorkle 

Emily Reilly

Emily Reilly 

3D Modeling
Woraya Boonyapanachoti, Guðjón Örn Lárusson, Lisa Jamhoury, Huascar Acosta, Neil Jakeman

Unreal Engine development
Lisa Jamhoury, Matt Romein

Augmented reality design and development
Lisa Jamhoury

Audio concept and script
Lisa Jamhoury 


Motion capture technician, animation
Lisa Jamhoury

Exhibition Design
Alphabetical Studio

Special thanks
Elliott Hall, Becky Schutt, Christopher Strawley

Photography (Glow)
Lou Jasmine, Richard Easton for Kings College London