Au Milieu


Au Milieu is a series of virtual and 3D printed sculptures memorializing the passing of the body between physical to digital realms.

The sculptures are created with motion capture, 3D modeling, and computational averaging using the OptiTrack Motion Capture system and Unreal Engine. The process for creating the sculptures begins with a contemporary circus duet performance by Françoise Voranger and Nikki Ortiz of Hybrid Movement Company. The two performers move through the choreography on a motion capture stage. The motion capture recordings from the performance are averaged across several avatars that are combined to make the final sculptures. The avatars used in the experience are created by averaging high-end photogrammetry scans of the two performers into one form.

See L’Entrée


Concept, artistic direction, production
Lisa Jamhoury

Choreography, performance
Hybrid Movement Company
Françoise Voranger, Andrea Nikki Ortiz

3D Modeling
Woraya Boonyapanachoti, Guðjón Örn Lárusson, Lisa Jamhoury

Unreal Engine development
Lisa Jamhoury, Matt Romein


Motion capture technician, animation
Lisa Jamhoury