Maquette (Alpha)


Maquette is a live interactive performance leveraging motion capture technology, avatars, and dance in an exploration of the parallel histories of averaging and idealism in art and society. As an audience watches the live performance, the performers’ movements drive avatars in a projected virtual world creating a genre-bending story that unfolds in both physical and virtual space.

Maquette (Alpha) is a 16-minute prototype of the evening length performance. See Maquette.

Xtensions 2022, Onassis ONX, New York
ONX + IDFA DocLab MoCap Stage 2022, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Voices of VR #1163: Live XR Performance Experiments with ONX Studios and DocLab Motion Capture Stage at IDFA 2022

Supported by
NEW INC / New Museum
Onassis ONX
Media Art Xploration
EY Metaverse Lab


Created by
Lisa Jamhoury

Choreography, Performance
Françoise Voranger, 
Andrea Nikki Ortiz, Hybrid Movement Company

Avatar Creation / 3D Modeling
Woraya Boonyapanachoti, Rongyu Li, Guðjón Örn Lárusson, and NYCAP3D

Audio Concept, Editing
Lisa Jamhoury

Audio Effects and Mastering
Nicholas de la Motte

Storyboard Illustration
Jessica Hearn

Unreal Engine Developer
Lisa Jamhoury

Unreal Engine Developer, Environment and Visual Effects
Kevin Peter He

Unreal Engine Developer, Motion Capture and Avatars
Matt Romein

Motion Capture Technician, Animation
Lisa Jamhoury

Special Thanks
Eddie Berg

Photography (Xtensions)
Jeremey Grier