Threads is an interactive live performance that visualizes the body electric of contemporary circus performers in real time. The performers wear custom-built cardiac and muscle electric sensors that wirelessly transmit small body electric readings into a graphics program. The body electric, created by extreme physical work, lights the performers’ environment. Threads celebrates the relationship between the body and technology, and gives performers a unique way to influence their performance space.

Role Creator, Developer
Tools Live Web, Performance, Big Screens, Wearable Tech
Showings Emerging Artists Showcase, Streb Lab, June 2017
Expanded Cinema, IFP Made in New York Media Center, Apr 2017
ITP 10th Anniversary Big Screens Showcase, IAC Headquarters, Dec 2016
Process Prototype Process Posts

The following photo and video is from two showings of Threads. The first performance (hand balancing, acrobatics and contortion) was at IAC Headquarters for the ITP 10th Anniversary Big Screens Showcase. The second performance (aerial rope duo) was commissioned under the Go! Emerging Artist Grant and performed at the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics.