The Flow Room

The Flow Room is a web-based virtual space where bodies from various physical locations can communicate through live physical movement. It was first shown at New York University with installations at the New York City and Shanghai campuses. The Flow Room was created in collaboration with Jiwon Shin and JH Moon under the NYU Arts Council Visual Arts Initiative Award with support of NYU Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and NYU Shanghai Interactive Media Arts (IMA).

Role Co-creator
Tools Live Web, Kinect 2, Networks, Node, Javascript, Volumetric Video,
Motion Capture
Showings Visual Arts Initiative Grant Show, Shanghai & New York, Nov 2018

The Concept

When accessing the internet, we are not usually aware of our presence in virtual “space.” We rarely visit just a single website on a regular day. We flow into one space after another, link after link. In The Flow Room, individuals experience their physical presence in the virtual space inside of the internet. In this space, bodies can experiment with new ways of interacting with themselves and the space itself.


How It Works

Each physical location has a Microsoft Kinect, a low-fidelity motion capture camera, and a server that broadcasts real time data. The data from all locations is picked up on a website that uses 3D graphics to visualize live interaction among people in different physical locations. The space also has a custom soundscape created by the body movement.