TJTunis: Arab Spring Intervention

Two and a half months after Tunisian President Ben Ali went into exile amid “Arab Spring” protests, ICTJ, an international human rights organization, gathered 150 prominent regional and international experts and activists in Tunis to discuss the challenges in the region.

In order to make sure the meetings were available to all Arab Spring countries, I lead a local team in Tunis to create a communications hub including a live blogging platform, livestream, and social media, with translators and social media experts working in three languages—Arabic, English and French. The model was such a success that I ran similar initiatives for ICTJ in Colombia and Brazil soon after.

Role Strategy, Production, Content Creation
Client ICTJ
Tools Live Blog, Social Media, Livestream, Translation, Web
Link ictj.org


Cover photo: Photo from “Dreams of January” on ictj.org. Photo by Maciej Dakowicz.