Argus Project Interactive 3D Model


he Argus Project is a trans-media project that directly intersects the public debate over police accountability. The project features a suit of tactical counter-surveillance armor embedded with body cameras and video projections featuring former officers, activists, and family members directly impacted by police violence. I built the interactive 3D model for the touch interface for the installation at Tribeca Storyscapes during the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

Role 3D Design, Development
Client The Argus Project
Tools Web, Touch, Display, Installation, Blender, Three.js
Link The Argus Project at Tribeca Storyscapes

I built the interactive 3D model in Javascript using the library Three.js. Clicking the “eyes” on the model activates different cameras on the Argus suit at the installation. The interface is built in the browser so that the Argus suit can eventually be operated over the internet by a remote audience.

The Argus Suit at Tribeca Storyscapes Installation
The Argus Suit at the Tribeca Storyscapes Installation 2016
The interface to control cameras on the suit
The interface to control suit cameras.
Detail of the interface to control cameras on the suit
Detail of the camera control interface.